Health, Safety, Environment

Policy for Health, Safety and Environment

It is ALLIED INTERNATIONAL's priority to ensure Health and Safety in its workplace and to reduce as much as possible pollution, energy waste and all forms of environmental damage.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL's Policy for Health, Safety and the Environment follows the following guidelines:

By means of a constructive relationship with workers and their representatives, together with governmental authorities and other co-operators, ALLIED INTERNATIONAL aims to consolidate a result achieved through years of working experience, in order to satisfy the expectations of its interested parties and society as a whole, to promote sustainable practices and development, pursuing the belief that on the subject of Health, Safety and the Environment, more can always be done.

In order to implement this Policy, ALLIED INTERNATIONAL has adopted a Management System that aims to: improve Health, Safety and Environmental performance in the workplace, thus reducing sources of risk as well as pollution and energy waste; remain up-to-date with current legislation and relevant standards; engage employees and suppliers in the corporate values around Health, Safety and the Environment; communicate and make this Policy available to everybody concerned and make them aware of their responsibilities towards Health, Safety and the Environment.

ALLIED INTERNATIONAL has already implemented actions aimed at improving conditions for Health, Safety and the Environment in all workplaces, in particular:

Further tasks to be achieved are the following:

These objectives have been planned as part of a specific program of actions, with constant monitoring of performance in order to achieve the intended results.

In order to implement the system, ALLIED INTERNATIONAL employs a Management Representative with the appropriate skills and powers to identify, deal with and resolve issues related to the HSE management and moreover, with the assistance of the HSE Manager, to measure the adequacy of the system and to check the achievement of its aims.

The Policy for Health, Safety and the Environment is subject to regular review to ensure that it remains appropriate and relevant to the values and objectives of ALLIED INTERNATIONAL.

Alta Valtidone, 08.11.2018
Valter Alberici

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